Core Values

Original Content and Teachers

We focus on teachings that are pertaining to and arising from the Origin of everything, not that which is merely “New” or “Novel”. There are teachers who have studied a particular teaching for a considerable part of their lives and who live, express and embody their unique teaching in today’s world. We bring their insights and teachings to those who seek it, first hand.

Our content is Varied, Deep and Highly Selective.

Diverse Approaches

Any one tradition or teacher does not possess an exclusive access to Truth and Wisdom. One needs to begin from where one is, usually very much conditioned by one’s cultural, religious and linguistic background. Understanding that different teachings may be pointing to the same subtle truth can free one from excessive attachment to a single expression of truth. We endeavour to bring varied expressions of different spiritual traditions on our platform.

Our intent is to bring intellectual, emotional and body based approaches to experience the inexpressible truth.

Freedom & Transformation

Inner journeys are quests for transformation. We want our fellow searchers  to have a direct experience of the freedom that spiritual traditions often speak about. The freedom to live in the moment, to be happy, to discover and sing one’s own unique song of truth. Ultimately, freedom from one’s own limiting past conditionings and one’s usual mechanical self. 

We understand that each person’s inner journey is unique and special and we are here to honour and assist in that endeavour.

A Lifelong Quest

Inner journey is not a short term detour or a quick fix cure, but a slow and steady growth of one’s essence or true nature. We believe one does not have to relinquish this material world and its connections in order to pursue a journey within. One can continue to be engaged with the world, while attempting  practices that strengthen the connection with one’s inner spheres. How can we make this world and the myriad of its enchantments, a true gymnasium for inner work? 

We provide ways to access teachers and material from wherever you are and when you wish to, using state of the art technology.

A Caravan of Fellow Pilgrims

An Inner journey is not meant to be taken alone, as teachings caution about the pitfalls of either fantasy or despair. In a community or Sangha of fellow pilgrims, one realises, what one is experiencing is nothing personal, but is the human condition. Something within, gets deeply nourished, when fellow pilgrims sit around the fireplace at night, telling tales of adventure and sharing vulnerable, raw and true insights.

We enable and encourage safe and convenient ways to interact with fellow searchers and teachers.