Inner search has always been and shall remain, a mystery. It is difficult to articulate the experience of, or to describe with precision, subtle shifts that take place in the mind, body and feelings. This is due to lack of appropriate language and also because of the difference between the inner state of the speaker and the listener. 

Each one of us, at some time or the other, may come to a state that leads one to wonder, “Who am I? Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life? Who runs this universe? Does it care for me? Does what I know or do matter? Is there more to life than what I have experienced so far?” 

This state usually tends to lose its intensity and significance as situations change and the forces of forgetfulness and mechanicality take over. We are caught again in the dream of life until we are presented with another such moment.  How does one keep the question “Who am I?” alive, long enough to enable it to become the true beginning of an inner quest? 

There are sages and saints who have left detailed accounts of their inner journey.  There are scriptures and mythological stories that have been available for several millennia as beacons for searchers who are struggling to find their way into the inner realms. 

Even today, there are some who have succeeded in keeping this quest alive, found clarity, and made a shift from their usual state towards a more unified perspective. At Journeyswith.in, our wish is to build a bridge between them and those seekers who have been struggling with their inner journey. As our first step in this direction, we are delighted to announce the inaugural expedition, Inner Search in the light of the Bhagavad Gita, led by Prof. Ravi Ravindra, one of the most sincere seekers of modern time, who guides us on the initiation to the spiritual path.