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The Alexander Technique

Introductory Webinar with Ruth Rootberg


Introductory Webinar Recording

Please watch the recording of the zoom webinar conducted on the 12th Sep 2021. Vinita Kaushik Kapur, a friend of Journeys, interviewed Ruth Rootberg who spoke about the history of the Alexander Technique, starting with its founder, F. M. Alexander. She spoke on topics such as how the Technique works, relevant scientific research, benefits, and what happens in a lesson. You can also view the Demo Session and the QnA, by clicking on the chapters.

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 As you learn to improve postural support, decrease muscular tension, find more ease in movement, expand your field of attention and reduce your reactivity, you may find you are less often in pain – or even pain free – moving better, feeling better…living better.

  • Chronic pain, especially in the neck or back;
  • Meditators who wish to sustain their physical bodies with more ease during meditation;
  • Meditators who wish more support in learning to sustain attention and find an inner quiet;
  • Parents and child minders who need to sit on child-sized furniture or the floor, lift and carry children and their supplies, respond in the moment, etc.;
  • Keyboard users on any type of device;
  • Performers – singers, instrumentalists, actors, dancers – who develop pain or injury from practicing;
  • People with performance anxiety;
  • People who do crafts that involve bending over, bending down, close work, or repetitive motions;
  • People needing to breathe more easily;
  • People wishing to find an inner quiet that lets them respond rather than react;
  • People wishing to manage gaining with equanimity and poise….


People come with all sorts of needs, and the Alexander Technique can help each one, because we each have the potential to use, misuse, or overuse ourselves, and also the potential to change and improve our use so we can live life in the moment with a sense of health and well-being.


Ruth Rootberg, M.AmSAT, has been teaching the Alexander Technique for close to 20 years. She is certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique ( A singer, pianist, Laban Movement Analyst, and Linklater Voice teacher, Ruth brings her experience and talents to her teaching, working with a variety of students from children to seniors. She has written several articles on the Alexander Technique and has published two books, Living the Alexander Technique: Interviews with Nine Senior Teachers (2015) and Living the Alexander Technique, Volume II: Aging with Poise (2018). Ruth lives and teaches in Amherst, Massachusetts as well as online to people from all over. She has taught one-on-one and to groups, both locally and at many colleges, universities, and professional conferences in the United States.