Inner Search in a Global Culture

Monthly Meetings with Ravi Ravindra

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise of old; seek what they sought.

-Matsuo Basho

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Spiritual wisdom is trans-religious, trans-cultural and trans-national.  It is not confined either to the Abrahamic traditions pervading the West or the Indian traditions dominant in the East.  How we live, what we aspire for, what we believe or imagine will happen to us when we die and all other important aspects of our life are influenced by our cultural background willingly and intentionally or unwillingly and unknowingly. In our contemporary world there are increasing cross-cultural interactions, very much influenced by technological developments enhancing travels and communication. How do we interact with and learn from the insights of the great seers in other cultures?

In the eleven monthly meetings in 2023 we will try to explore the common aspects of the understanding of spiritual wisdom both in the East and the West, and also the radical differences between their philosophical and theological expressions. Then we will explore what we can learn from the great seers and teachers in the past, such as the Buddha, Christ, Krishna, Patañjali, Eckhart, John of the Cross; and some modern ones such as Krishnamurti, Ramana, Gurdjieff, none of whom were restrained by the priests, clerical officials or philosophers around them. Their main concern seems to be to follow, and encourage others to follow, the relevant practices which will make a searcher come closer and closer to union with the One embodying and radiating truth, love, beauty, delight, awareness and sense of service.

We will be organising informal Fellow-seekers Exchange over zoom, two weeks after each Meeting,  to help participants share their findings, experiences and raise questions.  This is optional for the participants to attend but highly recommended.  Break out meeting rooms shall be created to have small groups so that the exchanges are close and effective.  We will be sharing more details.

We have also created an online private Online Community Page will be available for the group members to share with others and keep in touch in an ongoing manner.

Ravi Ravindra will be leading these Monthly Meetings on Zoom. Each meeting will begin with a guided meditation assisting the relaxation of the body, some quieting of the mind, a feeling of gratitude for the mysterious forces and energies which have created me in this vast universe, and a sense of wonder about the purpose of my existence.  Then, there will be an exposition of the features of a particular stage in the journey followed by a close exchange with the participants.

In order to bring focus to these meetings, the topics suggested for exploration during 2023 are listed below.  Ravi will suggest some task or exercise to be tried until the next meeting. Recordings of the Meetings shall be made available to all subscribed students, which shall be available up to 3 months.



2023 – Meeting Topics

  1. Jan: Spiritual Wisdom is Free of Time and Space
  2. Feb: Common Features of the Abrahamic and Indic Traditions
  3. Mar: East is East and the West is West
  4. Apr: Oneness and Uniqueness. Is Dog same as God?
  5. May: Highest Divinity is Masculine and Feminine and Neuter
  6. Jun-25th : A Hindu will die as will a Christian and Everyone else
  7. Jul-9th: Are You Sinful or a Child of Eternal Life?
  8. Jul-30th: The Eyes of Flesh and the Eyes of Spirit
  9. Aug-27th: (8:00 AM PST)A Sage Does Nothing, but Nothing is Left Undone
  10. Oct-29th: Sacrifice as the Support of Love
  11. Nov-19th: Search for Truth, Love and Joy


  • Enrollments are open now.  First meeting is on Jan 29th.  You won’t be charged for that, as it would be under trial.
  • You will be automatically charged each month after that.
  • You may opt out anytime.
  • Meetings shall be Online via Zoom


  • Meetings will be mostly on the last Sunday of each month.  
  • Exact day shall be announced well in advance
  • Start Time: 07:30 AM PST | 10:30 AM EST | 3:30 PM GMT | 09:00 PM IST

  • Duration: 2 hours. Guided Meditation, Exploration followed by Exchange
  • Zoom links shall be sent out a week ahead


  • You will have access to an online private community of all enrolled students
  • Participation is optional and voluntary
  • You are welcome to share your observations, ideas, insights & questions
  • Participants can also attend an online meeting to share ideas and discuss live


  • Subscription is on a monthly basis and a fee of USD 24 will be charged to your card.  
  • You are welcome to pay for one or two more students, as we offer scholarships for some deserving students.
  • If for any reason a meeting does not happen, no one will be charged for that month.
  • If for some reason you could not attend you will be charged, and will get access to the recording within a few days
  • Recordings shall be available up to 3 months from the date of the Meeting
  • You can stop your subscription anytime

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  • The fee for each meeting is USD 24, charged monthly.  First Month won’t be charged.
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About Ravi Ravindra

Ravi Ravindra is a physicist, a professor and a spiritual searcher. He has a PHD in Physics  from the University of Toronto, and was a Post Doctorate fellow in Physics, in Philosophy and in  Comparative Religion. In his spiritual search Ravi was introduced to J. Krishnamurti, Madame de Salzmann, Zen Master Roshi Kabori, and underwent a deep immersion in the mystical teachings of the Indian and Christian classical traditions. He is the author of many books on religion, science, mysticism, and spirituality.   For more details, please look up www.ravindra.ca  


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