Science and the Sacred

Science and the Sacred

Week 2. Similarities and Differences between Scientific Knowledge and Spiritual Knowledge

It is a common understanding in spiritual teachings that there are many levels of reality subtler than the mind. Therefore always a call to quieten the mind. The first avenue to spiritual knowledge is purified feeling of receptivity, free of any wish to impose a mental construct on reality or to control it.

Spiritual knowledge, unlike scientific knowledge, is based on insights coming from beyond thought and received through a silent mind, and is therefore free of the necessary restrictions imposed by the mind, such as of time sequence. A classic example is Christ’s remark in John 8.57, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” The fundamental requirement for spiritual knowing is freedom from one’s egoistic self. This requires a radical transformation of the whole being of the searcher.

The starting point for this transformation is impartial and steady self-awareness which is the main mechanism of self-transformation. There is no such requirement of a scientific researcher. Also, spiritual knowledge, unlike scientific knowledge, is gained by an increased feeling of closeness between the knower and what is to be known.



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