Science and the Sacred

Science and the Sacred

Week 3. Spirituality without scientific knowledge is inef­fective, but science without spiritual perception is insignificant.

Spiritual work is necessary for finding the meaning of my life. Given the obvious fact that I did not create myself, each human being wonders why have the extremely large forces have created me with the extremely delicate laws running the universe, and only for a few decades?

Scientific knowledge is wholly occupied with the external universe. But that knowledge is obviously necessary for our survival and for being able to communicate with other human beings and take care of the planet on which we live.

But however much I may know about the external universe, unless I have some understanding of my raison d’être, I feel a deep dissatisfaction inside. Scientists are occupied with experiments whereas spiritual searchers are concerned with experience which has a very different meaning Science would better serve the spiritual potential of the human race by acknowledging the inherent limits of its domain, as is acknowledged by some of the greatest scientists.

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