AT Course


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In this weekend Live AT Introductory Course, participants will receive instruction and guidance in order to begin self-practice in the Alexander Technique. Some of the fundamental principles of the Alexander Technique will be discussed and explored experientially, including

  •       The value of resting the back during waking hours
  •       The value of taking time, stopping, pausing, waiting, and undoing 
  •       The importance of self-observation in the context of the whole self and one’s environment
  •       The benefit of improving the head-neck-back relationship
  •       The force of habit and the ability to create new, more beneficial ones
  •       The value of attending to process while attaining a goal
  •       The difference between reaction and response
  •       The ability to use thought to relate spatially to oneself and one’s surroundings.

 This course is intended for anyone curious about themselves and interested in continued learning. Some people wish to learn how to improve their posture. Some have chronic musculoskeletal pain or discomfort and wish to find ways to help themselves manage or reduce it. Some wish to become less stiff or increase range of motion. Some are interested in developing a more sustained, broader attention. Some will want to help themselves live life with more peace, calm, and equanimity.

 You may be young, middle-aged, or a senior, a person who sits often in a chair, a meditator, a performer, a leader, a student—whoever you are, you are a person who uses your physical self. We are creatures of habit, and some learned habits no longer benefit us. We can learn to consciously re-direct our behavior. The outcomes are numerous and often arrived at indirectly. You can learn to become aware and redirect your use so that you move better, feel better, and function better with more calm and equanimity.


Ruth Rootberg, M.AmSAT, has been teaching the Alexander Technique for close to 20 years. She is certified by the American Society for the Alexander Technique ( A singer, pianist, Laban Movement Analyst, and Linklater Voice teacher, Ruth brings her experience and talents to her teaching, working with a variety of students from children to seniors. She has written several articles on the Alexander Technique and has published two books, Living the Alexander Technique: Interviews with Nine Senior Teachers (2015) and Living the Alexander Technique, Volume II: Aging with Poise (2018). Ruth lives and teaches in Amherst, Massachusetts as well as online to people from all over. She has taught one-on-one and to groups, both locally and at many colleges, universities, and professional conferences in the United States.

Register before the 23rd of April and get USD 15 Off by using the Coupon Code EARLYBIRD15